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storytelling is the cure
to easing anxiety

everyone has a story to tell.
the question is, who is telling yours?

branding in the era of uncertainty

empathy | research | dialogue | trust

There is a lot we still don’t know about our current situation, but as we move forward towards normalcy, there are a few strategies that we believe will be effective. One, is being empathetic about the anxiety that everyone is feeling and acknowledging that it’s real. Two, is doing real-time, ongoing research to understand how consumers are handling the crisis and what motivates them or causes them concern. Three, is maintaining an open dialogue with your customers, so that they feel like you understand their wants, needs and fears. And four, that brands build trust by establishing emotional connections through empathetic storytelling.

"Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters."

research | data analysis

you need to know where your guests are both geographically and emotionally

It’s not just enough to know who you think your customer is, you need to know where they are down to their zip code and street. But more importantly, you need to know where their heads are.

protect your brand

In times of crisis, what you say is just as important as what you do. Action is critical, but so is inaction. Consumers will accept honest efforts to connect and to do the right thing when brands lead with humility and empathy. You can’t just say you care, you actually have to care. That is how you protect your brand against the unknown. Be forthright and honest and be willing to be wrong in an effort to be right.