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The executive team of Panzano+Partners consists of three partners.

Bill Rubino | Partner, President

Bill Rubino is responsible for the day-to-day management and operation of the agency. Since 1980, Bill has worked in both marketing and management positions in the worlds of commercial real estate development, retail, media, and advertising. | 856.866.5500 ext.2204

David Todd McCarty | Partner, Branding

David has a unique combination of creative talents from writing to directing, designing to filmmaking. He has spent the last 30 years curious about the world around him and the stories that people tell. David is always looking for the next new thing. | 856.866.5500 ext.2213

Gina Sandoz | Partner, Creative Services

It’s easy to understand why Gina manages the client relationships for Panzano. She is quick to laugh and always has a story, but she is also strategic, detail oriented, and understanding of our clients’ needs which helps to keep projects on track and moving forward.
She is the glue. | 856.866.5500 ext.2221

We say we like to tell stories, but we typically focus on our client's stories, or even our client's client's stories. We recognize that each one of us has a story to tell, and our very own team is no exception. In the coming months, we will be featuring a different team member. These videos will give you some insight into the people who you work with on a daily basis, whether you know them yet or not.

For this story, we chose Megan Stanton, who is an account executive at Panzano+Partners, and one of our newest additions. You could say that Megan is somewhat soft spoken, often working quietly behind the scenes, but what we discovered was that she had a surprise creative side—a very creative side

Megan tells the story of her desire for an Easy Bake Oven® that eventually became a love of baking, and ultimately, a passion for cookies.