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surfboards for men
with large appetites

A surfboard company that's designing custom surfboards for larger men.


fat fish surfboards


Cape may, NJ





Fat Fish Surfboards makes custom surfboards for people who need a larger board but who don’t want to ride a long board. A fish is specific type of board that is thicker and wider than a typical short board. Fat Fish surfboards are sort of a hybrid between a short board and a long board. While anyone can ride one, they are designed to be fun and dynamic while being large enough to float a larger rider. They are also perfect for the person just learning to surf.

Turnberry Isle Miami

South Jersey has a unique surf scene. It’s a mix of die-hard locals and summer vacationers. The serious surfers count on the bigger swells in the fall and winter but that requires real commitment and skill. We only have a few months out of the year where you can comfortably surf without a wetsuit, so much of the recreational surfing is done during the summer months. Most of our waves are simply beach break and often not very big, so you need a board that is capable of catching smaller waves.

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Marketing to an older, male audience that still wants to surf.

Maybe you surfed when you were a kid but too many beers and that extra slice of pie, along with a few decades of the good life, have worked together to make you more to love. So your choices for surfing are a longboard or trying float on a potato chip. Enter the Fat Fish Surfboard, a surfboard for a man with a large appetite. While anyone can buy and ride a Fat Fish, it’s being specifically targeted at older males who might have put on a few pounds over the years. A surfboard you can have fun on

Small wave friendly

A board that you can have fun on no matter how small the waves.

more float

Wider and thicker design so you have more mass to float you.

make it fun

Catch more waves. Have more fun. Quicker turns, easier takeoff.

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