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brand stories

Humans have been telling stories since the beginning of time. Stories are how we tell our truths and pass along wisdom. It's how we relate to one another. Brands must have their own story; one that connects to consumers in an authentic, relatable way. We tell stories.

how do stories sell product?

We’re constantly looking for ways to connect with customers, to find ways to get them to engage with your product or service. Brand stories are a way to cut through the clutter and offer something meaningful to the customer that allows them to make an emotional connection.

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stories in motion

Below is the¬†Panzano Showreel, a sampling of various film shoots we’ve done. High quality production mixed with good storytelling makes for compelling messaging. New technology allows us to create stunning visuals while maintaining reasonable budgets. It’s a brand new world out there.

Panzano Showreel

find your voice

Too often brands concern themselves with brand visuals and neglect their own voice. It’s helpful to concentrate on who your brand is, rather than what your brand is.

628 Films logo
628 Films logo

628 Films is the exclusive video production department of Panzano+Partners. With a database of hundreds of working professionals in the film industry, we can work anywhere in the world, hiring local talent to complement our staff of regulars.