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fashion shorts

branding retail through the use
of short fashion films


The Forbes Company


Troy, MI





The Forbes Company is one of the premier, boutique developers of luxury shopping in America today. Their portfolio is a who’s who of four of the top performing shopping centers in the country. As a privately held company, they operate outside of conventional norms and tend to lead by example, rarely following trends, but rather starting them.

A Body In Motion

In 2015, we produced the first two fashion films, at the time just for Somerset Collection. We shot one in New York City and the other just outside of Philadelphia. The films were shot with a small crew using DSLR cameras and minimal lighting. They were designed to be cost effective and yet to put every nickel on the screen.

The Makeover
The Makeover | Brooklyn, NY
Sophie : A Story of Discovery
The Station | Allentown, PA
L'Appartement | Paris
The Manor | Philadelphia
The Quarter | New Orleans
The Ranch | Montana

No other medium allows you to make an emotional connection with people like video. It's powerful.

We have told a lot of different stories over the years, and they range from vignettes from exotic locations, to loosely defined versions of storytelling, where we have a linear narrative. In the case of our most celebrated film, “Sophie” we were able to truly tell a story that was based in the idea of diversity and the power of change.

fashion Storytelling

Fashion is fantasy so the stories we’re telling in fashion films are pretty loose.

quality production

The quality of the production is nearly as important as the story you’re trying to tell.

Long form video

When is a short film considered long? When you’re not confined to :30 sec spots.

brands that matter.