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where style is timeless

As it turns out, your grandparents were a lot cooler than you thought they were.


Hamilton Jewelers


Princeton, NJ





Founded in New Jersey in 1912, Hamilton has been offering clients the finest quality, value, and design for over 100 years. With a heritage of excellence and family ownership, Hamilton is proud to serve generations of guests with an outstanding experience with each and every visit. Hamilton’s expertise in design and manufacturing in our own workshops has produced many exceptional pieces of enduring quality and value.

Hamilton Jewelers on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL

While Hamilton has been around for over 100 years and remains a family business, the changes in fashions and style were beginning to have an effect on future growth. Many of their longtime customers were growing older and there simply wasn’t the same demand for fine jewelry and watches from the younger market. They came to us to rebrand them towards a new generation that would appreciate the legacy, but would still feel modern.

Original Princeton location
Jewelry showroom
Palm Beach Gardens Location

Borrowing from the past to create a more romantic future.

It as a golden age when people got dressed up and went to dinner clubs or to see a show. Our parents and grandparents did it, and sometimes we forget how cool they were. This was an opportunity to look fondly back in time and rediscover glamour and elegance. As it turns out, your grandparents were a lot cooler than you thought they were. Maybe you can regain some of that timeless style.


Americans are fond of looking back to a time when we beleive it was better.

Good style is timeless

Making an investment in quality pieces that will be worth handing down.

Making Elegance Cool

It’s cool to be chic. Old school charm infused with a modern edge.

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brands that matter.